Root cause Analysis of Coronavirus and possible solutions from the mind of Information technology consultant perspective

As an Information technology consultant, it is my day to day job try to find patterns in challenges faced by my team members.

I am analyzing the current scenario of the coronavirus in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

Coronavirus Impacts mainly Elders

as per research, it was highlighted that Corona will impact mainly on elders. due to the high standard of the living average lifespan of all of these countries is too high. but I was surprised to see the result of Japan.

Country population in million number of cases till now deaths cases per million average life expectancy
Spain 46.66 24980 1347 535.3621946 82.83
Italy 60 47000 4000 783.3333333 82.54
Japan 126 1007 35 7.992063492 84

but Japan is an outlier in it. So one can say the Impact of Corona to an elder is one of the factors but not the only factor. what is something special in Japan not present in these European countries

Corona was spread when an infected person is in contact with other healthy people

This virus spread during Chrismas season when a lot of international travelers spend vacations specifically Italy, Spain, France and yes China is in top five (Refer)


but Japan has banned entry from china from 1st Feb onwards [Refer]


Past history of disaster management

Japan comes from the background of disaster almost every year due to earthquakes. luckily Europe is paradise on earth hence found relatively fewer disasters. it is one of the reasons for effective incident management don’t you think so?

Cultural Habits

Japanese people like to bow when they meet each other instead of handshakes. it reduces the problem of this virus


  • try to solve problems at the early stage instead of  things are almost spread
  • practice habits such as avoid contact with people
  • better disaster recovery


#spreadpositivity #betterlife






Ideas for better Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)- Terraform

Learning  syntax of any programming language is easy but semantics is not that much easy


how to manage tags effectively with fewer errors when designing the Terraform will provide a lot of benefits for tracking resources for cost, monitoring

Thought process

Currently, we can find a huge amount of terraform modules on various version control systems like Github, bitbucket…..

as per my understanding, IaaC tools like terraform provide a lot of benefits in terms of automation but if not designed properly it creates a lot of challenges for monitoring, cost tracking and security. care must be taken from the beginning otherwise it is challenging once it goes in production I tried my best to avoid various anti-patterns when we design any terraform module.

I had started contributing to avoid these anti-patterns by publishing my terraform modules on terraform registry. although these modules are for AWS same thought process can be applied to designing modules for other cloud providers.

the main motivation for designing these modules is to make the life of any Cloud Engineer easy and productive. instead of working on some useless tasks like finding resources that are not tagged, removing Ec2 in the public subnet.

Please refer to the mindmap which mainly highlights common mistakes we make while tagging or naming resources.

MindMap for designing better terraform module


AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional Mind Maps

Domain 1: Design for Organizational Complexity 12.5%
Domain 2: Design for New Solutions 31%
Domain 3: Migration Planning 15%
Domain 4: Cost Control 12.5%
Domain 5: Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions 29%

{Please note it is still in draft phase. I am planning to add more content to this page in future}

  1. Design for New Solutions
    1. Security
      1. DDOS
      2. CloudHSM
      3. AWS Shield
      4. AWS Key Management
      5. VPC Peering
      6. NACL
      7. VPN , Direct Connect
    2. Maintainance
    1.  Performance
      1. Elastic Network Interface
      2. Enhance Networking
      3. Placement Group
    2. Providing more than one benefits
      1. VPC End Point (improve security, performance, cost-saving as well)
    3.  Miscellaneous
      1. Load Balancer
      2. API Gateway
      3. Kinesis
      4. Route 53
      5. NAT Gateway
      6. RDS
      7. ECS
      8. EFS
      9. SQS
      10. Autoscaling
      11. NoSQL
        1. DynamoDb
  2. Continuous Improvement for Existing systems
    1. Lambda
    2. API Gateway
    3. S3
  3. Design for Organizational Complexity
    1. Maintaiance
      1. Logging
        1. CloudWatch Logs
        2. CloudTrail
        3. VPCFlow Logs
        4. AWS Config

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