Compare AWS with Azure networking

AWS Azure Important Notes
1 Virtual private cloud (VPC) Virtual Network
2 Subnet Virtual subnet In AWS subnet is specific to Availability zone i.e. one to one relationship between AZ and subnet

but in Azure we can have subnet span across multiple Availability zone i.e. One subnet can be mapped to multiple to AZ.

Access control      
3 Network access control list (NACL) NACL is stateless in AWS.

Azure don’t have any substitute for it.

4 Security group Network security group
  • Both are stateful.
  • Network security group can be applied to VM or subnet.
  • When applied to a subnet it is still enforced at the vmNIC. It is not edge device.
  • Lowest priority means higher in priority.
Load Balancer      
5 AWS Elastic load balancer Azure load Balancer
  • App gateway also has optional web application firewall components.
  • Both load balancers have health check mechanism to avoid sending traffic if any VM is not up.
  • Elastic load balancer and azure load balaner both are type 4 load balancer
  • AWS application load balancer and Azure APP Gateway both are type 7 load balancer.
6 AWS Application load balancer Azure APP Gateway
connect other networks on premises or in cloud      
7 VPC Peering Virtual network peering
9 Direct Connect Express route (Dedicated Connection)
10 Route53 Azure DNS
  1. In AWS Route 53 provide both
  2. DNS hosting services
  3. Endpoint balancing.
  4. Azure DNS Provide DNS zone hosting service.
  5. Azure traffic manager Provide DNS based service balancing.
  6. It can load balance based on (Requesting user (based on latency , Round robin ,Failover Geography)
  7. Targets can be VM in azure, PaaS Service, Other Traffic manager instances, On Premises services.
11 Azure Traffic Manager
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